Established over 40 years ago, LMPI, a division of LS Distribution North America, is focused on the distribution of imported and specialty press across a direct-to-retail network of over 2,000 clients, and wholesale partners across North America.

LMPI manages a portfolio of over 3,000 titles across North America. Our sales & marketing teams monitor demographic and consumer trends in order to identify appropriate product from around the world.

An important partner for publishers, retailers and wholesalers

Publishers benefit from LMPI’s strong distribution footprint:

  • Category management responsibilities at leading bookstore and press specialty outlets across Canada;
  • Tailored promotional programs designed with specialty and import publishers in mind;
  • Modern pick & pack systems;
  • Experience with global logistics;
  • Sophisticated reporting and distribution analysis tools; and
  • The financial stability offered by the Lagardère Services group of companies.

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Our retail and wholesale partners benefit equally from our portfolio of titles:

  • High-quality, premium-priced titles, translating to higher dollar sales than mainstream titles;
  • Title selection allowing retailers to capitalize on current sales trends;
  • A growing range of foreign-language titles from Asia, Europe and beyond, allowing you to reach unique ethnic markets in your area;
  • A turnkey solution to specialized press programs, including racking, merchandising and IT solutions.
  • Flexible solutions, including EDI compliance, pay-on-scan.

A leader in press distribution

With teams concentrated on imported and specialty press, LMPI aims to provide service levels to retail and publisher clients that bring these important categories of magazines to the forefront and maximize your sales.

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Martin McEwen

Vice-President, Commercial Director

514.355.5674 ext. 234