Our services

LS Distribution Logistics offers dedicated logistics services throughout Canada and the United States. Our clients include companies of all sizes, from small business to major corporations. Depending on your needs, we can manage of your operations from our warehouses or from your premises. Our clients frequently call us when confronted with storage-related challenges, or with issues connected to the rapid growth of their operations. Once we have solved their problem, they fully understand the benefits of focusing their efforts on increasing sales and marketing their products, while delegating logistics to people who are specialized in the field.

Our team of experts, aiming optimize your costs, can conduct a complete value chain analysis of your operations, including:

  • Transportation of goods (national and international)
  • Storage and inventory management
  • Assembly and labelling
  • Quality control
  • Distribution
  • Shipment of orders
  • Reduction of your transportation costs
  • Management and processing of returns
  • Other services your company might need, including customs brokerage, customer service, lists rentals, telemarketing campaigns, etc.