Logistics for a retail chain

On the occasion of Chinese New Year, a major North American retail chain planned a promotional campaign for its 150 outlets, including locations at JFK and LaGuardia airports in the U.S., and Toronto Pearson in Canada. For their logistics needs, they called on LS Distribution Logistics.

The goal of this operation was to gather products from numerous suppliers (national and international), process these orders and then coordinate, in record time, their delivery to 150 retail outlets located throughout North America, so that all locations could roll out the campaign simultaneously.

Adding to the complexity, the technical challenge of this project stemmed from the diversity of suppliers in terms of geography, the size of their business, the nature of their products, different promotional displays, cultural considerations, and especially the overall coordination of everyone involved.

LS Distribution Logistics met the challenge by offering the following:

  • A dedicated team to oversee the coordination of operations
  • Daily follow-up of shipment progress with the client
  • Proactive solutions in case of unforeseen circumstances
  • Competitive and capable logistics expertise tailored to the client’s needs
  • Transportation services designed to respect deadlines and keep costs to a minimum

Logistics for a B2B customer

Each month, this company ships 15,000 packages addressed to professionals in the health care and education sectors. They sought to offer an equal level of service to every customer by having all shipments take place at the same time every month. For them, it was crucial to keep costs to a minimum, since logistics accounted for the largest share of their budget. Profit margins for this client are acutely vulnerable to increased operating expenses, especially due to the rising cost of fuel.

The challenge for this client is two-pronged: process and distribute 150 new products each month while maintaining a first-class service for existing customers. They decided to contract out these operations to LS Distribution Logistics.

To ensure fast, reliable and efficient service, we combined our information system with theirs. We also set aside space in our warehouses and created a system dedicated to processing their shipments.

After a year of handling orders for this client once a month, the team at LS Distribution Logistics succeeded in developing an innovative solution to control transportation costs, enabling our customer to stay within budget.

By choosing LS Distribution Logistics, our client succeeded in controlling and optimizing their operating costs, so they could concentrate their efforts on developing their business.

Logistique for a e-commerce customer

This client created a line of gift boxes that they’ve been marketing in Canada for several years through a major retail network. With the intention of boosting sales, they recently set up partnerships with well-known e-commerce sites. In order to achieve their growth strategy, they chose LS Distribution Logistics to handle the unique requirements of this new distribution channel.

The challenge of this project involves offering a competitive service designed to fully integrate the systems of our client’s various partners, as well as ensure that all orders are processed by 12:30 p.m. daily on every e-commerce site in their network.

LS Distribution Logistics guarantees this client a level of service that efficiently handles seasonal fluctuations, activation of gift boxes prior to shipping, tracking of shipments and processing of returns.

We are proud to partner with companies starting out in e-commerce, offering competitively-priced logistics services, especially transportation-related, thanks to our large volume of shipments, which allows us to distribute costs across our B2B and B2C networks.